Success Stories

What do subscribers say about Ichimoku Swing Trading? The following is just a small percentage of the many raves that we receive every day...

"I put about $3,000 in, and is up about $790, which is 26%"

"Hi name is Billy.  I’m from Boston, MA.
I first got interested in the trading system when I heard about the test results – trades that were over 120% profit.  So I tried it out.  I’ve been with it about a month so far – a little over.

I like that you don’t need a lot of equity.  My trades are usually about $2-3,000 per trade.  I like that it is only 1-3 weeks average per trade.  You don’t have to keep a very strict eye on it.

So far I’ve done 8 trades.  And I’m up, on average, a total of 6-7%.  I had one trade that I put about $3,000 in, and I got over 10% ($330 dollar) return.

I had another one that was about $2,000.  And I made about $120 off of that.  Currently, I have a couple more trades that are still going on, so I don’t have the final numbers yet.  But one of them, I put about $3,000 in, and is up about $790, which is 26%.

So far out of 8 trades, I’ve only had one that was a minus.  But it was a lower percentage.

I’m going to stick with this, because it looks like over the long haul, it’s going to make me some money.  And with more equity, I’ll put more into it, and keep the ball rolling!"

--- Billy from Boston, Massachusetts


"Iíve made good money on Dolby, Goodyear Tire, Owen-Corning"

"Hi – My name is Chris from St. Pete, FL.  And I’ve been with the trader now for about a month.

Let’s see – I’ve got 6 out of 8 positive trades.  One break even.   And one at a small loss.

Actually I use this a little bit differently.  Rather than buying the stocks or shorting the stocks, I trade the options based on the recommendations.

And I’ve made good money on Dolby, Goodyear Tire, Owen-Corning.  I’ve got a small loss on Macys.  I made great money on SolarPower. Good money. PCX broke even. Disney -  Still in the money.

I’ve been really satisfied with this, and I appreciate the opportunity."

--- Chris from St Petersburg, Florida


"Iíve been able to grab some big movers that Bob has picked."

"Hi, This is Errol from Fontana, California.

I just wanted to call to give my testimonial for Bob’s Ichimoku.

It’s a very good system.  I was actually with Bob in Morning Hours Trading. And due to some new activities, I needed to do something else during the mornings.

So, I switched over to the Ichimoku System, and it’s been very useful.

I’ve been able to grab some big movers that Bob has picked.  He’s picked like 3 or 4 that’s hit over 20% profit.  I didn’t the whole 20%, but I got a lot of it.

And he’s also very informative.   With the daily recaps he gives every evening after the market closes, that allows me to set some stops differently.  Or set some actual buy points.

So, it’s an excellent system.  I’m looking forward to more trading with Bob!"

--- Errol from Fontana, California


"Iím up 10% on SMSI!"

"Hi, this is Camila from Minnesota. I’m calling to leave a testimonial. I just started with Ichimoku Swing Trading, and so far, so good. I’m up 10% on SMSI! Thank you very much."

--- Camila from Minneapolis, Minnesota


"I made a lot of money with your program"

"Hi, my name is Craig. I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I took you up on your Ichimoku Swing Trading. I’m a chart watcher myself. I usually don’t buy stocks that are breaking out like these are but I got to tell you, I think I had about ten winners. I made a lot of money with your program and did very well, outstanding.

I really didn’t have a loser in the group so I was very impressed with you and had planned on staying with you because I really like what you’re doing.

I love to trade. Like I said, I’m a chartist. I usually buy oversold, relative strength stocks, improving relative stocks. That’s what I really look for, hammer patterns, things of that nature, which you did a fine job on your other services with those, too, so I’m very impressed with what you have going, well worth my time, well worth your time, well worth anybody’s time.

Thank you very much for all the winners. Outstanding job, guys."

--- Craig from Detroit, Michigan


"...gaining 53% on all three of them"

"My name is Desiree. I’m trading from London, UK. I really like the Ichimoku product. I’ve only traded the aggressive portfolio. I haven’t done the conservative. I’ve only been able to trade three of the stocks. Basically, I’ve gotten out in the first target gaining 53% on all three of them.

Then, when the market has pulled back, I have entered them again, and maybe exited them before the third percent first target. I have exited one at a two percent target, and the other one at a 1.5% target.

I really like the product. I am very happy that you included the email alert because since I am abroad, I’m not in the states, I was not able to get text messages, but now with the emails, I can see when you enter the trades.

In general, I really like the product. I’ve only traded three of the stocks and have had excellent results with them."

--- Desiree from London, UK

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"I have a total profit of 11.11% or about $2,250"

"Hi, this is Gail from Georgia. I have been a member of WealthPire for about two years. I began with First Hour Trading. Now, I’m with Morning Hours Trading and Ichimoku. I’m impressed with Bob’s method of trading and teaching so I’m excited to have the opportunity to follow him on Ichimoku Trading.

Bob’s explanations are tremendously helpful in learning how to properly manage trades. My only problem is not being able to sit at the computer all day, so miss being able to take advantage of some of the alerts for Ichimoku.

As I am still learning, I’m trading in a simulated account with Ichimoku and have been somewhat successful. Bob’s teleseminars, daily recaps, and chart explanations are a great help. I’m learning to see so much more in the charts.

To date, I have placed ten of the suggested Ichimoku trades. I stopped out on three, have a small loss on two, one out at break even, and one at a small loss of 0.98% or about $42. I have a total profit on three others of 11.11% or about $2,250. The other two are still open. Thank you for this opportunity to give my testimonial."

--- Gail from Johns Creek, Georgia


"Iím up about $1,600 and plan to use it a lot more"

"My name is Gary. I live in Topanga, CA. I started the Ichimoku service about a month ago and actually have only been using it for about two weeks now. I’m up about $1,600 and plan to use it a lot more. The things that are really great about it are having the ability to ask a professional questions that I have in the market, how to read the charts, and basic, general questions about trading as I’m starting to trade now more and more.

The daily recap that I get confirms everything that I’ve done throughout the day, following the Ichimoku stock charts. I like the webcast. It’s invaluable. I asked a bunch of questions on that and got them all answered. I just think this is well worth the money to be able to talk to Bob Joiner. It seems like everyday, with the daily recap, that he’s there trying to help me. I really like that. Thanks again."

--- Gary from Topanga, California

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"I especially like the fact that I get a text message on my cell phone when itís time to make a trade"

"My name is Julie. I live in Niceville, Florida. I’ve been trading with the Ichimoku Trading system since September 22nd. As of this date, on the items that I’ve bought and then sold, I’ve made 2.26% profit. Of my average investments, I tend to buy either $5,000 or $10,000 worth of the stocks.

On those stocks, I’ve earned $1,500 so far. I’m extremely pleased with the trading system. I especially like the fact that I get a text message on my cell phone when it’s time to make a trade. I think it’s a worthwhile product. I look forward to many more years with profit in this area. Thank you."

--- July from Niceville, Florida


"Iíve made $6,750 this month"

"My name is Justo. I am from Paraguay in South America. The reason why I subscribe to Ichimoku Trading is first, because I know the quality of the services of WealthPire and particularly, I know Bob Joiner. By being in his chat room a year ago, I could not keep doing it in Paraguay because of working obligations but I know the kind of trader he is so when I see he launched a new service with him on the head, I was really excited to be a part of it.

I’ve been there for one month, since the launch of Ichimoku Trading. I’ve been checking my records. I’ve made 15 trades, all recommended from Bob in the Ichimoku service. I had 14 winners out of those. Now, that’s an amazing percentage of winners – 14 out of 15! The average gain in every one of these 14 positions is four percent, which is really, really big for me!

I’m really excited and happy with this service. I’m looking forward to staying with it for a really long time because I think it will be my way out of work and through investment paradise. I’m doing very well. I’ve made $6,750 this month. As I said, I’m looking forward to much, much more winning trades in the future."

--- Justo from Asuncion, Paraguay


"I bought SMSI at 9.32. I sold it at 12.05 for a 28% gain"

"Hi, this is Maria from Livermore, California. I’ve been a member now for just about a month. I’m enjoying it so far. I bought SMSI at 9.32. I sold it at 12.05 for a 28% gain. RVBD I bought on October 14th at 46.31. I sold it at 52.25 a week later for a 12% gain. I’m very pleased so far. I’m planning to continue. Thanks."

--- Maria from Livermore, California

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"My profit is around 5 to 6% of the value that Iíve been investing "

"Hi, my name is Nuno. I’m located in Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve been using the Ichimoku SwingTrading system for around one month.

Ichimoku Swing Trading looked very good to me. Since I am a day trader, it gives me the opportunity to enter during the day, to analyze quietly and calmly the suggestions made by Bob Joiner, and act rapidly.

Right now, I’ve made around 20 to 25 trades with the suggestions provided by Ichimoku Swing Trading system. At around 75% of them, I have some profit.

Right now, I think my profit is around 5 to 6% of the value that I’ve been investing. While I think this is a very good system and I’ve been applying the knowledge that I’ve been getting from Ichimoku to whether option, I’m entering other stocks with the things I’m learning everyday.

I’m quite happy with that system. I think I’m going to use it for some time more at least. Thank you."

--- Nuno from Lisbon, Portugal


"I made a sizeable amount of a profit from each stock"

"Hi, this is Poong from the town of Yorba Linda, California. I’ve been a member for Ichimoku Swing Trading program for the past one month. I pretty much have participated in all of the recommended stocks.

I believe I made a sizeable amount of a profit from each stock except for maybe one or two still open. The good thing about this service is being a swing trade is less stressful. You don’t need to be on the computer all the time but yet, the profit is sizable.

My problem was that I end up exiting the stock too soon so I did not take the full benefit of a three percent and a six percent price target but yet, still, I am very satisfied with the service. I’ll continue to be a member. Thank you very much."

--- Poong from Yorba Linda, California


"An 80% win ratio which is incredible"

"This is Rafael calling out of Cooper City, Florida. I wanted to leave this message because I had a chance to review the trades starting back on August 30th. Looking back at the trades and doing my math, it looks like out of 31 trades that I took, and there are still some that haven’t closed yet, but out of 31 trades that are closed, 25 were winners and six were losses.

That computes to me at about an 80% win ratio which is incredible. I’ve never experienced anything like that before so I’m very excited about this. It looks like finally, there’s a program that really does in fact work. I’m very excited and would recommend to anyone who is a skeptic to take the 30 day trial that’s given and prove to themselves that this absolutely works.

I hope that helps. Keep up the good work, Bob. I appreciate it."

--- Rafael from Cooper City, Florida


"Up approximately 10% from my initial $25K starting money so I recommend it"

"Hi, my name is Steve. I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been with the Ichimoku Trading system since late September, so it’s approximately one month. In that time, I’ve followed Bob’s recommendations and up approximately 10% from my initial $25K starting money so I recommend it.

He’s had basically a very high percentage of winners."

--- Steve from Toronto, Canada


"These concepts all seem to work in unison to make it an incredibly effective system at a bargain price"

"Hello, my name is Tom calling from Bradenton, Florida. This is my testimonial about the Ichimoku Trading System run by Bob Joiner. I am now a lifetime member of the WealthPire Bob Joiner Morning Hours Trading group and have been there for about four months.

I was aware of the startup of the Ichimoku system through the chat room updates given in MHT. When it opened, I jumped at the chance to join as swing trading is much more in tune to my temperament as compared to day trading.

The Ichimoku system is intriguing. The charts, the oriental philosophical angle, terminology – all of it – are special, considering also that we receive the added benefits of Bob Joiner’s mentorship guidance. These concepts all seem to work in unison to make it an incredibly effective system at a bargain price.

I initially traded only two of the aggressive recommendations, MRVL and SMSI, with small positions until I became more familiar with the system. Both of these decisions were advantageous, MRVL gaining three percent and SMSI six percent pretty quickly. I just wish I had taken further advice from Bob by letting SMSI ride as it had further gains to make.

Bob gives great general advice on tightening stop loss levels in any situations to lock in the initial three percent jump, and then to utilize a moving stock loss mechanism to maximize profits, realized from these positions that have potentially larger moves to make.

Later, I made several trades in the conservative recommendations that also were profitable. I intend now to become a bit more aggressive in the second month of my membership as I see the true worth and accuracy of the system.

My only regret so far is that in hindsight, my initial positions weren’t larger so I could have realized thousands of dollars in profit but I’m very satisfied with the overall results, not to mention the percentage gains that I have made so far, even on small, patiently observed positions is very satisfying especially with the added benefit of oversight and advice of a mentor that I have increasing confidence in, Bob Joiner."

--- Tom from Bradenton, Florida


"My results, my percentage returns, have been exceptional"

"Hi, my name is Yourgin. I’m based in London. I joined Bob Joiner’s Ichimoku Swing Trading month and a half to two months ago. The reason I join was I was quite impressed by Bob’s background, his experience, and the explanations of how he achieves success in trading so I thought, “Yeah, let’s listen to him.”

The results that Manny had published in his beta testing was exceptionally impressive, 100%. So I thought it was worth a try, so I did.

I was then actually, against the suggestion of paper trading, I thought I would start trading very small equity amounts. The reason behind this was that I thought it would keep me more focused and get me more realistic if I actually dabbled directly with some very small exposures of risk than just doing paper trading.

I started doing that. I have to say, of all the trades I have done, and I’ve now done quite a few of them, especially the recent ones, I actually had one break even and on the others, more or less so far, I have got a 100% record so I’ve not actually lost any money yet on any of the trades that I’ve traded.

My results, my percentage returns, have been exceptional.

All of this is quite impressive. I’m considering this to be my early stages. I think as my next period starts, I’m going to increase my equity and move on from there.

What I like are Bob’s daily updates, his daily updates and daily comments on the market and each of the open positions, and how he monitors. Within that, he’s actually teaching you. He gives you ideas about what Ichimoku lines, transactions.

It’s very technical but it gives me an opportunity to learn more from him. It also gives me a good feel of the market from Bob. I think this is exceptionally, exceptionally good. That is one of the key reasons, in fact, why I’ve stuck onto this system.

The second bit is the weekly webinars. The fact that all this effort has been made by Bob implies to me that he, unlike a lot of other systems and things, which I must admit I’ve tried, he seems to care about what he does and he’s dedicated himself. He’s clearly got knowledge and he deals with the whole thing in a very, very professional way so it gives me a lot of confidence.

Here’s to looking forward for a few more successes. Thanks a lot."

--- Yourgin from London, UK

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